Oscar Smith, born January 2, 1917, has been an ever-growing influence on a great number of people. Virtually every individual who crosses his path is struck by the genuine kindness he embellishes on those around him. As one of his many grandchildren, I can attest to that kindness, and to the passion he has always displayed toward the blessings God bestows upon us.

He is a well-spring for the knowledge of life’s hard-learned lessons and engenders the likeness of father time for the challenges he’s overcome in his lifetime.

This website will serve as a memorial aggregate for those who have been touched by the love Papa has always put on full display and I encourage and invite any who would desire to contribute in any way to email papawatch.wordpress@gmail.com.


2 Responses to About

  1. julie strong says:

    While I don’t know Papa personally, I know the Knapp family – caring, giving, thoughtful, funny, inspirational, and much more. I can only imagine the impact that Papa has had on all of them. With Love, Julie Strong and family

    • Debbie Hansen says:

      I also do not know him very well. But from what I’ve seen, he is a very loving man who has quite a fan club! I believe what you give in life you receive and it shows to everyone. His children and grandchildren think the world of him! He reminds me of my PaPa Charles. I just wanted to keep kissing his cheeks:)

      It’s really special when a grandson honors his PaPa like this. Kudos to the Knapp family (and Smith family) (very loving)! I thoroughly enjoyed this!

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