Papa’s Smile

Papa enjoying his 90th birthday with friends and family at Erlanger Christian Church

One thing that has always been true about Papa, is that he loves to smile. He has always been one to enjoy even the simplest things in life and has passed along the joy that can be found in all life’s moments to many of those who know him.

Part of that joy he finds in life has made him very photogenic. From his days at Lloyd Memorial High School where folks can still find a stoic photo of both Nana and Papa hanging on the wall along with their respective graduating classes until today, Papa’s smile has a way of brightening photos.

There are thousands of photos of Papa that have been taken over the years and the images have captured him with Nana at church, with his grandkids, with his own kids and with other family and friends in many different ways. In some he is actively participating in a project, in some he is sitting quietly by as he enjoys the laughter of his great-grandkids, and in others he is laughing with them.

Regardless of what is going on in the picture, it is always evident that there is joy in the place where the picture was taken.

To see some pictures that have been snapped of Papa over the years, check out the Photos page, or CLICK HERE!


About Keith Knapp

I am a driven innovator with an entrepreneurial mind, and I have a passion for helping people succeed. As a high-energy optimist I have a mind for action and a desire to stimulate personal, professional, and community development.
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